Zorawar Ahluwalia comes out in support of former wife Kusha Kapila; influencer-actress gets trolled for announcing divorce

After she announced her divorce from her husband Zorawar Ahluwalia, prominent social media influencer, host, and actress Kusha Kapila’s private life came under scrutiny. After the announcement, a video of Kapila supporting Karan Johar’s assertion that “sexual infidelity is not infidelity” quickly gained popularity on social media. As a result, the actress received criticism and abuse on the internet for her statement. Her ex-husband Zorawar has come out in support of Kusha after the intense response and posted an official statement on social media.

We realize we live public lives, but we still hold certain things holy. Zorawar Ahluwalia made the decision to put an end to it and asked people to stop insulting Kusha Kapila on his Instagram story. One of them is our marriage and respect for one another. Similar to how we decided to get married, we divorced after giving it a lot of thought. We made this difficult and painful choice together, keeping in mind that it was best for both of our well-being. I’m saddened and disgusted by what has happened over the last 24 hours when Kusha has been the target of hateful online attacks. It is horrible to criticize Kusha’s character and portray her as a villain. Finally, he said, “Please let’s all do better.”

After receiving backlash for announcing her divorce, influencer-actress Kusha Kapila receives support from her ex-husband Zorawar Ahluwalia.

Readers may recall that Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Ahluwalia were married in 2017 after a few years of dating, and Zorawar also appeared in a number of her social media videos. Many admirers who enjoyed seeing the couple together on social media were undoubtedly devastated by the news of their split, but some went further by unearthing an old clip of Kusha discussing adultery. After the video went viral on social media, many followers even continued to accuse her of betraying Zorawar while they were still married.

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