“Without Love”: LMYK’s New Single Announced as Ending Theme for Vinland Saga Season 2

Without Love

The new song “Without Love” by LMYK will serve as the series finale for the anime VINLAND SAGA SEASON 2. The anime’s inspiration, a genuine warrior’s tale comic that sold over 7 million copies, won three prizes, including the top honor at the “Anime Trending Awards 2020,” and it has since gained widespread recognition.

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The song “Without Love,” which was written especially for the anime, is LMYK’s most magnificent musical arrangement to date and sings of love, sorrow, and liberation. Today also saw the debut of an anime trailer for the song’s ending theme, which goes along with this statement.

Details of the song “Without Love”:

The song, which was created by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, will be accessible online starting on February 7. The CD set will be made available on March 1 along with a DVD that includes the “Without Love” music video and the conclusion animation for the VINLAND SAGA.

The 29th of March 2023 will see the release of the debut album DESSERTS! Along with “0 (zero),” the theme song for the anime series The Case Study of Vanitas, and “Unity,” the song for the Japanese dub of the motion picture The Legend of Hei, are also included. Starting today, December 19, you may pre-order both the “Without Love” and “DESSERTS” CDs!

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