Wipro cuts freshers’ salaries from 6.5 lacks to 3.5 lacks per annum!


Wipro, which had pledged to pay top dollar to new hires, has drastically reduced their yearly salary. The corporation urged the freshmen to accept pay that was over 50% less than what Wipro had previously offered in an email. While the tech company has attributed changes in its decision to a poor macro climate, it has also maintained that freshmen are at least given a chance to expand their skills and learn more effectively. Five points sum up the entire narrative.

Wipro has cut freshmen’s earnings after promising them significant pay on a yearly basis. Once promising to pay Rs 6.5 lakh annually to new hires, the company has since lowered the offer to Rs 3.5 lakh, about a 50% pay reduction.

-The latest low-wage offer has been made to all the Wipro candidates who successfully finished the company’s Velocity grads program in 2023. The software company sent out an email urging the freshers to accept reduced compensation due to the economy after promising high salaries.

Costs are being reduced in order to keep up with the company’s ambitions. “We had to modify our onboarding strategy in light of the altering macro environment and, as a result, our business needs. This offer gives candidates the chance to launch their careers, increase their expertise, and learn new skills right away while we work to honor all outstanding offers made, the company said. This opportunity is provided by our interesting and innovative work as well as our extensive learning and development programs.

Wipro has provided a specific amount of time to the new recruiters and is not pressuring the candidates to accept the new, low-salary offer. “At this time, we are accepting applications for project engineer positions with an annual salary of Rs 3.5 lakh. In an email issued to new applicants, Wipro stated that if you opt to accept this offer, all prior offers will be canceled.

-While some industry insiders have criticized the choice as unethical, Wipro claims that those just starting their careers are having an “instant opportunity” to advance their knowledge and skills.

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