Why the Election Commission Didn’t Announce Gujarat Election Dates Immediately?

Election Commission

No dates for the Gujarat elections Responding to inquiries, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar stated that no regulations had been broke

Although the calendar for the two states is typically released at the same time, the Election Commission today omitted Gujarat when announcing the dates for the HP elections. Given that both of the assemblies’ tenure expire within the next six months, it was unexpected that the dates for the anticipated Gujarat elections had not been announced. In these circumstances, the dates of the state elections are announced all at once, and the outcomes are released the same day.

Responding to inquiries, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar stated that no regulations had been broken.

40 days pass between the conclusion of the two states’ assemblies. In accordance with the regulations, it should take at least 30 days to ensure that the outcomes are independent of one another, Mr. Kumar told reporters. The terms of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh legislatures expire on February 18 and January 8, respectively. In both states, the BJP is in charge.

There are numerous variables, such as the weather. He stated, “We aim to schedule the Himachal elections before the snow starts to fall, and the Commission has held conversations with a variety of stakeholders. The election head added, repeating his previous statement, that Himachal Pradesh will be subject to the Model Code of Conduct for 57 days rather than 70.

Given the abnormally long delay between voting and outcomes in Himachal Pradesh, many questioned this defence. The state holds elections on November 12 and announces the results on December 8—nearly a month later.

The extended pause led to rumours that the Election Commission was keeping a window open to announce Gujarat elections shortly and had just postponed the announcement – for reasons unknown – and that the votes may still be counted on the same day.When asked if ballots from Gujarat might also be counted on December 8, the Chief Election Commissioner responded, “When we come for Gujarat, we will tell you this.”

The announcement of the elections in the two states was only ever dissociated once before, in 2017. Gujarat held two rounds of voting, on December 9 and 14, while Himachal Pradesh held its election on November 9. However, both outcomes were announced on December 18. The opposition Congress has charged the BJP with attempting to extend the amount of time until the code of conduct took effect in order to implement initiatives and projects.

“The obvious reason for doing this is to allow the PM more time to make some big promises and hold more inaugurations. Not at all unexpected, “Jairam Ramesh, a leader in the Congress.

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