Vivian Dsena reveals why he decided to play Sartaj in Udaariyan

Vivian Dsena

Udaariyaan on Colors just introduced a fresh twist and character. This week, well-known actor Vivian Dsena has made a dazzling arrival as Sartaj Kawal Singh, joining Twinkle Arora as Nehmat, Hitesh Bhardwaj as Ekam, and Isha Malviya as Harleen who are all caught in a web of love and ambition. The drama will witness how Sartaj’s life becomes entwined with that of Nehmat and Ekam as she deals with her heartbreak and is anticipated to deliver some fresh twists.

Vivian Dsena’s debut as Sartaj was just announced by Ravi Dubey on Instagram. Vivian continued, “Sartaj, the character that I will be portraying in Udaariyaan, is a straightforward person and believes that relationships are all about ‘give and take’. I’m excited to be a part of this show.” Sartaj’s cynicism and skepticism have grown through time and as a result of several painful events. This is what interested me as an actor, so when the film’s producers, my good friends Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta, asked me to take the job, I immediately said “yes.” Joining together with Dreamiyata Entertainment is fantastic. I’m really eager to come up with something original with you guys.

Nehmat discovers in the current track how an impostor used Sartaj’s name to engage in the armaments trade while endangering Ekam’s life. She frees a wounded Sartaj (Vivian Dsena) who has been held captive by the impostor for months. Sartaj is pragmatic and doubts Nehmat’s kindness to him.

Nehmat’s life recently underwent a significant turn, according to Udaariyaan. While she was eager to reunite with her beloved Ekam after her fictitious marriage to Advait, fate had other plans in store for her in the form of Jasmine. By forcing Ekam to wed Harleen and blackmailing Nehmat, she modifies the rules of the game.

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