Vidya Balan recalls being labeled as “jinx”; says, “I lost faith in myself” 

Vidya Balan

Famous actress Vidya Balan has had a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. Vidya Balan has established herself as one of the most accomplished and varied actors in the business, beginning with her portrayal in the 2005 film Parineeta and continuing with more recent appearances in Sherni and Jalsa. She was, however, once referred to as a “jinx,” and the actress recently shared this.

When Vidya was discussing her trip, she was speaking to journalist Faye Dsouza for the benefit of the uninitiated. Vidya Balan mentioned during the conversation that she believes her mother may have had a desire of being an actress and passed that dream on to her. She continued by saying that Vidya Balan, then eight years old, was mesmerized by Madhuri’s performance when Tezaab was launched and she witnessed her dancing to “Ek Do Teen.”

The actress said, “Unfortunately, the first show that I was signed for never worked out. I remember doing TV show auditions in college. I first heard of Hum Paanch then. My parents were alright because they thought watching TV was a safer option because the program was a clean family comedy.

“Looking back, I feel like everything just worked out,” she continued. I started making commercial films after leaving the show, which was advantageous for me. I believe that I wouldn’t be doing anything else if I hadn’t turned off the TV.

She went on to give further information and said that although she had been promised a part opposite Mohanlal in a Malayalam film, the project was abandoned before it could be completed. She had also been formally solicited for a number of other projects, but once the movie was canceled, she was declared “jinxed,” which caused her to lose out on other job chances.

According to the actress from Bool Bhulaiyaa, “They did not realize that the industry was going through a difficult time. I was referred to as jinxed, which made me doubt my own abilities. It was a difficult time, and I received numerous rejections. As I was still working in advertising at the time, Pradeep Sarkar introduced himself to me and promised to work with me on a film on the very first day. Hence, choosing Parineeta was unnecessary because I was chosen by the movie.

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