Twitter will now show the number of views your tweets have!

Twitter's "disclosure" of its shadow-ban policy

In the most recent adjustment to Elon Musk’s turbulent takeover of the microblogging platform, Twitter will now display the number of views a tweet receives. The feature is currently available on the Android and iOS versions of the app and will soon be available on the website.

The view counter is situated next to the comment, retweet, and heart icons for likes on its mobile apps. An icon of a graph is used to indicate views. Not every tweet will have a view meter, according to the business. The counter will not appear on tweets from community discussions, tweets from Twitter circles, or older tweets. Your tweets’ view count is visible to everyone.

The number of times an account has viewed your tweet is how Twitter determines the view count. This is applicable to all viewing options for tweets, including Home, Search, Profiles, embedded tweets, and more. The account that sees your tweet but does not follow you will also experience this.Also read :- Delhi Airport tweets a video of a youngster utilizing the DigiYatra service, calling him “perhaps the youngest traveler.”

According to the firm, seeing one’s own tweet will count as views even if the author chooses to do so. If the same tweet is viewed on both mobile and the web, it will count as two views. This count will be consistent across all platforms. On protected accounts that you follow, you can also see the number of views.

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