Twitter: Sacked employees disappointed after Elon Musk chops severance pay, emails arrive in spam folders

Elon Musk

Twitter: In the previous six months, Elon Musk fired hundreds of workers while promising to give them severance money. The billionaire hadn’t given staff any specific information on severance pay prior to last week, but it appears that some of the affected employees have gotten emails discussing severance pay recently. They’re not really pleased about it though.

By the first week of January 2023, Musk was supposed to reveal his severance package, although that hasn’t yet happened. Employees at Twitter India who were let go by Musk haven’t yet gotten information about severance pay, but they anticipate doing so by the end of the month, India Today Tech reported last week. Some of the fired Twitter employees reportedly received severance compensation letters, but they are not pleased with them, according to the most recent media reports.

Some former Twitter employees have gotten the official severance agreement, but the compensation listed in the letter isn’t as much as they expected it would be, according to a story from Fortune, which cited numerous sources familiar with the situation. Also Read :-

Musk formally stated in November that all affected employees would receive severance pay and a number of additional incentives after firing thousands of workers. There have been no specifics released on severance pay, however, sources close to India Today Tech previously stated that salaries were paid on schedule to affected staff.

Musk is making a number of cost-cutting moves in the interim. The millionaire sacked janitors in addition to thousands of staff, leaving the restrooms dirty. It is rumored that workers at Twitter HQ are compelled to bring toilet paper from home. In addition, Musk no longer provides free lunches, a policy that was started by Jack Dorsey, the company’s co-founder, and former CEO.

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