Trending Words in 2022: ‘Gaslighting’ to ‘Goblin Mode’, Ft. Bollywood Dialogues

Trending Words in 2022

Trending Words in 2022: Does Bollywood have any problems that it cannot resolve? Obviously, the response is “no.” Please allow me to provide some examples to help. experiencing heartbreak? Play some heart-warming Arijit songs. Want some motivation? You may watch Lakshya or Anand without any problems. If you’re struggling to understand what “Goblin mode” refers to? Bollywood still has your back, despite popular belief!

Here are a few of the trending words in 2022, as illustrated by popular Bollywood dialogue.

Trending Words in 2022: Ft. Bollywood Dialogues!

Ranbir in Tamasha taught us how to live life on our own terms and to accept our inner “goblin,” among other things. You do you, whether it involves quitting a well-paying career to pursue your passion or eating a “light snack” at three in the morning.

You are aware of when you are in a relationship and when you aren’t, and you frequently ponder, “Is this the case?” Here’s some good news: It’s called a situationship! Refer to Shraddha Kapoor’s line from Half Girlfriend if you still require clarification regarding the use of trending words in 2022.

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The movie Kabir Singh taught us a lot about what NOT to do if you’re a nice human being, in my opinion, so I think it was significant. Definitely, this movie might serve as a crash course in gaslighting. Like Deepika reminded Ranbir in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, there is joy in missing out (JOMO) if there is fear of missing out (FOMO). You only live once, so sometimes all you need to do is stop running, enjoy your surroundings, and live in the moment.

Do you ever feel as though the world is conspiring against you, that nothing is going your way, and you are at a loss for words as to why you are feeling the way you do? The dialogue Vicky Kaushal delivered in the movie Masaan is the greatest approach to explain that “permacrisis.” This was also a trending words in 2022.

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