These cities are the dirtiest in all of India. Seven of ten come from Bihar.

These cities are the dirtiest in all of India

The 162 Indian cities with the highest and lowest air quality indices were listed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on Monday. The information includes the most significant pollutants in the respective cities’ air as well as an average of the air quality over the previous 24 hours.

List of most polluted cities or top 10 dirty city in India:

Siwan (Bihar)- 3982. Katihar (Bihar)-3693. Darbhanga (Bihar)- 3604. Sonipat (Haryana)-3475. Samastipur (Bihar)- 3376. Chhapra (Bihar)- 3357. Bettiah (Bihar)-3268. Faridabad (Haryana)- 3169. Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)-31510. Bhagalpur (Bihar)-308

According to the research, Bihar is home to seven out of ten cities with the highest air quality index values. No city on the list had “severe” air quality, but Motihari in Bihar was the sole one according to the board’s data as of November 13. However, as the pollution board pointed out, Motihari’s air quality was not included in the statistics from November 14.

An AQI of 0 to 50 is regarded as “excellent,” 51 to 100 as “acceptable,” 101 to 200 as “moderate,” 201 to 300 as “poor,” 301 to 400 as “extremely poor,” and 401 to 500 as “severe.”

With an AQI of 294, Delhi recorded a slight improvement in its index and a change from “very poor” to “poor.” As the average air quality index (AQI) levels have remained on the lower side compared to the last six years with the least number of “severe” days during the first thirteen days of the current month, Ghaziabad has also fared better in the first half of November this year.

In the meantime, the state capital’s industrial and forest areas have received notices from the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) for their failure to reduce air pollution levels.

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