The Sounds of Forest: Yessma’s latest adult web series, directed by Lakshmi Dheeptha, comes with a dark twist

The Sounds of Forest

The Sounds of Forest, a new web series from Lakshmi Dheeptha, has its first two episodes online at the Malayalam adult OTT website Yessma. The first release on the platform in December was the 18+ pornographic web series, whose second episode began streaming on Wednesday and whose pilot episode began streaming on December 7.

The central character in The Sounds of Forest is a guy who meets a female after getting to know her through a dating app. The 20-minute episodes each have a number of twists. The Sounds of Forest series also differs from Yessma’s earlier work, which was primarily indoors and in constrained environments. There are several outdoor sequences in this web series, which also stars Diya Gowda. It might be one of the more expensive extras on the adult website.

Lakshmi, the series’ director, makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the episode. Lakshmi has directed nearly all of the web series on the platform. Nancy was the first sexual title that Yessma added to their streaming service in August. Since then, they have added Hot Stone, Rs 1000, Room Number 222, Paalpayasam, and Ladies Hostel.

Moreover, Ladies Hostel was the first Tamil-dubbed television series on the platform. Following The Sounds of the Forest, Yessma is anticipated to start streaming Sreeragam. Earlier in the week, the platform had made the upcoming series’ poster available.

According to reports, Yessma is the first adult platform in Malayalam to stream only adult material. It adopts the same concept as websites that stream pornographic content, like Ullu TV, NueFlicks, KindiBoz, and Prime Fliz. Earlier this year, the platform courted controversy when two actors sued the director and the producers, Aryanandha Creations, for enforcing their participation in adult web series.

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