The Depth: Yessma’s latest erotic web series has a familiar tale and a twist that’s more hilarious than shocking

The Depth

The Depth, a short film directed by Lakshmi Deeptha, has just debuted on the Malayalam adult web series platform Yessma. The series is centered around a pool and stars the primary actors from their prior short films, Plum Cake.

Two strangers who meet at a pool and start dating are the focus of the 20-minute sexual short film- The Depth. The short film also has its fair share of twists, some of which the audience would recognize from previous works like Room No. 222. Nevertheless, this time around, the same twist is used with hilarious results.

A number of future series, including Honey Trap and Sreeragam, that Yessma had previously teased about being released appear to have been temporarily shelved. Rumors abound that the actors who had previously been brought on board to play the lead roles in these featurettes as well withdrew, indicating a lack of enthusiasm for participating in the content created by the creators of Yessma’s web series.

A contract for three web series that will be streamed on Yessma appears to have been signed by The Depth’s lead actor. She has already completed Plum Cake, which was just released as two short films. The first episode of Plum Cake, which features Christmas as its setting, focused on a father and daughter’s bond.

The material of Yessma, which has up till now broadcast a web series that has been directed by Lakshmi, is supported by Aryanandha Creations. As the first Malayalam web series platform to stream explicit content, the platform was introduced in August 2022. Since then, it has released a number of online series, including Hot Stone, Nancy, Ladies Hostel, and Paalpayasam. Hindi and Tamil versions of Women Hostel also exist.

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