The Center suspends the requirement for Covid-19 face masks for aviation travel.

aviation travel

Face masks are now optional for passengers flying, thanks to a directive from the ministry of civil aviation (MoCA) that asked airlines to make it clear that wearing them is ‘recommended’ rather than required.

According to the decision, “the in-flight (crew) shall hereafter merely say that in view of the threat posed by Covid-19, all passengers should preferable utilise mask/face covers in accordance with the government of India’s policy of graded approach of Covid-19 management response.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic that ravaged the nation starting in early 2020, the central government imposed the restriction two years prior.

“…No explicit mention of a fine or other sanction need not be made during the in-flight announcements. As a result, the order dated 10.5.2022 that issued the unified Covid-19 instructions for passengers, airport operators, and airlines stands updated to that extent, it said.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which oversees the aviation industry, has repeatedly issued orders reiterating the requirement to wear masks. The most recent of these orders was issued in August of this year, when the DGCA urged all Indian airlines to strictly enforce Covid-19 protocols and take action against those who do not comply.

The DGCA has previously issued instructions to temporarily ban passengers who refused to wear face masks from flying and label them as “unruly.”

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