Spotify Premium is now free for 4 months: Here’s how to access it!


Despite the fact that Spotify is a free service, in order to enjoy features like offline downloading, ad-free music streaming, and high-quality audio streaming, one must have a premium subscription. The well-known music streaming service Spotify has created an intriguing offer to encourage its free users to upgrade to Spotify Premium.

On both the Android and iOS platforms, users can now enjoy a free four-month premium subscription. They must nonetheless set up an auto-payment mandate, which can be done through UPI, credit, or debit cards, in order to do the same thing. Users would be charged Rs 119 per month after the offer time to access premium. Before the free subscription time expires, users can also cancel the mandate if they decide not to continue.

Additionally, if you recently purchased a Samsung smartphone, you are in luck since Spotify is giving away an extra three months of premium access on some Samsung devices. Users can receive a free premium subscription for seven months, worth at least Rs 800, when combined with the current promotion (which expires on March 9).

Four months of a premium subscription to Spotify are free.

On your smartphone, confirm that the app is running the most recent version. Launch the app, sign in or make a new account, click on premium, choose the “free for 4 months” premium individual plan, and finish the payment to have free access to premium.

The offer is valid on both platforms, and we tried it on both Android and iOS devices. Keep in mind that the deal will end on March 9. To make the most of the Spotify music streaming service, make sure to subscribe before then.

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