Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s scene in Tiger 3 took 6 months of planning

Shah Rukh Khan

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were successfully brought together on the big screen for the enduring hit Pathaan by Aditya Chopra. With two superspies, SRK as Pathaan and Salman as Tiger, crossing paths and demonstrating to the world that these vicious mercenaries are also wonderful pals in the spy universe’s timeline, this move also marked the beginning of the now fabled YRF Spy Universe.

Pathaan saw unprecedented levels of excitement as a result of the pairing of two of the biggest megastars in Indian film history, who were adored by viewers for their swagger and camaraderie on screen and showered with copious amounts of affection.

Now, Shah Rukh Khan is prepared to join the Tiger franchise through an action-packed scene that will be filmed for seven days in Mumbai at the end of April! It’s crazy to think that Aditya Chopra and Tiger 3 director Maneesh Sharma have been planning this scene for more than six months in order to make it a national talking point!

According to a senior trade source, “When SRK and Salman’s scene for Pathaan was arranged, the producers knew that such crossovers of super-spies will need to go a notch higher every time it happens because that’s the biggest Attraction for audiences.

As a result, it took the author, Adi, and Maneesh six months to write and create Pathaan’s entry in Tiger’s timeline. Every aspect of this shoot has been designed with the idea that it must provide audiences with full-on paisa vasool entertainment as well as a spectacle.

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