Secretary: Ullu has Come with the New Web Series


Another exciting online series from Ullu is called “Secretary”. The audience will be kept entertained throughout this series, and we have no doubt that seeing Ullu will increase your excitement.

We would like to know that you are watching the Ullu series, which all of the fans are extremely thrilled about. The series was launched on the entertainment site Ullu, where you can also get amusement, fantasy, and thrills. This platform is now prepared to debut the Secretary television series.

Plot Secretary:

Payal Patil will play the part of the series’ lead actress in the upcoming Ullu series. Payal Patil plays the part of Renu in this television serial, and her husband plays Ajay Mishra. The series’ plot appears to be quite engaging and enjoyable. You’ll notice that every character has an excellent, striking, and good-looking appearance. The series will appeal to all audiences. There are still a few things I want to tell you about the news, which you can discover in the following section of the article.

This time, people are attempting to find out when the series will be released. Individuals are interested in learning more about the OTT Ullu app’s platform. This television show is based on the narrative of Renu and Ajay, a married couple whose union fell apart due to a lack of intimacy. Renu decided to work as a secretary in an office where she developed a close relationship with her supervisor as a result. We will provide you with all of the series’ specifics.

Payal Patil plays Renu in this Ullu web serial, and Ajay Mishra plays her spouse. In addition, you’ll notice that the pair entered a romantic relationship when a man noticed them. He tells his friend Ajay the Boss and Secretary relationship, saying that he had no idea she was his friend’s wife. Following this, Ajay usually began to have doubts about Renu and paid her office a surprise visit.

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