Sam Altman: ChatGPT-creator believes in doomsday, and has a stash of guns, gold, and gas masks!

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Sam Altman: Much has been said in recent months about ChatGPT and its promise to provide human-like responses and decipher some of the most difficult inquiries. People have utilized ChatGPT in their own special ways and have been sharing their experiences, from getting the chatbot to pass an MBA exam to asking it to develop code, make music, write poetry, and other things. However, not many people have discussed Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, the organization that owns ChatGPT, who is the driving force behind everything.

Jack Altman, Sam Altman’s brother, recently stated on Twitter that his brother’s profile is “uncharted territory.”

“I’m delighted Sam is finally being covered by *someone. It’s time a journalist finally dived in and wrote about him because, in my opinion, he is truly doing some type of interesting thing. It’s unexplored ground,” he wrote.

According to a piece in The New Yorker, Sam was fascinated by technology from a young age and had learned to program when he was only eight years old. The essay, which is from 2016, exposes us to the world of the youthful CEO. Additionally, it talks about how Sam Altman “prepares for survival” by stockpiling weapons, gold, water, and other essentials in case the world ends.

The American city of St. Louis is where Sam Altman was raised. Even at the age of eight, he was deeply interested in learning how to code. He was able to program a Macintosh, which, according to The New Yorker, became his “lifeline in the world.”

Growing up homosexual in the Midwest in the 2000s was not the most fantastic thing, he continued to tell the magazine. AOL chat rooms were also a game-changer. When you’re eleven or twelve, secrets are horrible.

Sam continued his education at Stanford University, where he eventually earned a degree in computer science. He and his two pals left the class, though, and they started working on an app called Loopt that shared a user’s whereabouts with their friends. The owners of the business sold it in 2012 for a price of US$43 million.

After Loopt, Altman established Hydrazine Capital, a venture capital firm. In 2014, he was chosen to succeed Paul Graham as the head of the venture capital firm Y Combinator (YC). The business was established in 2005 and served as a launching pad for a number of businesses, including Twitch, Reddit, Airbnb, and Quora.

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