Ronit Roy hints at the betrayal in an intriguing social media post; says, “It hurts but chalta hai”

Ronit Roy

Popular actor Ronit Roy recently sent a mysterious message on social media, piqued the curiosity of his fans and followers. The actor mentions being deceived in the note, but he withholds any other information. His note suggested that someone he referred to as his brother had harmed him in some way.

The message, which read, “Bhai…bro, these words have completely lost their meaning,” was the only part of the post that was uploaded on the photo-video sharing website. When someone says something to me, I take them seriously and they treat me in a way that I wouldn’t tolerate as a foe. Although it aches, it is good because they are falling. Not my own, said Ronit Roy.

Money, status, and all other materials that were lost may be obtained again, he wrote. Time, love, respect, and once-lost connections cannot be restored. Certainly not in all of its splendor. Why pretend when you need to be genuine?

The actor, Ronit Roy left fans to wonder as to what might have triggered the remark because he did not include any background information or an explanation. While some admirers attempted to interpret Ronit’s statements, others voiced their concern and support for him.

His Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi co-star Smriti Irani responded to the message by asking, “Kya hua (what happened).” Rupali Ganguly, the star of the movie Anupama, offered her support by writing, “I fully feel u….???? Ekla Cholo re! Take it with a grain of salt and go on. Actor Anuj Sachdev responded to the issue and tweeted, “You are right…These words are frequently used just for fun these days. “Bro.. is like HI.. sorry is like Chill.. relax is like f**k it!”

What prompted Ronit Roy to post the strange remark on social media is still unknown as of right now. His supporters, though, are still behind him and hold out hope that he will eventually offer some explanation.

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