Rana Naidu on Netflix: Rana opens up on second 2, spills interesting news

Rana Naidu

The most recent Netflix web series, Rana Naidu, has generated a lot of discussions, particularly among Telugu-speaking viewers. With this series, Venkatesh and Rana make their OTT debut, shocking the actor’s fans in particular. Venkatesh mouthing so many expletives during the play astounded them. Venkatesh’s reputation as a family man has suffered greatly due to the overabundance of adult content.

Rana, on the other hand, has now spoken up about the backlash that took place, claiming that they were fully clear about what they were entering into and aren’t hesitating to accept their roles. The lanky hero further claims that Venkatesh, his uncle, did not take the taunting seriously and was ready for what was coming at him.

When asked about the Rana Naidu second season, Rana clarifies that it has not been canceled and is still very much in progress. He makes it obvious, though, that the use of obscenities and profanity will undoubtedly be curtailed in the second section. In this crime thriller, which is currently available on Netflix to view, Venkatesh plays Rana’s father. The series is receiving consistent views as a result of the trolling.

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