Raj Kundra’s lawyer requests the court to fast-track trials against the businessman

Raj Kundra

Readers are likely aware that Raj Kundra was involved in a significant issue around a year ago after the business mogul was accused of endorsing and disseminating pornographic material. The Mumbai Crime cell last year filed a chargesheet against the businessman, and Kundra was thereafter brought into the jail. The entrepreneur’s attorney, Prashant Patil, has asked the Mumbai court to expedite the upcoming trials against the entrepreneur while the trial continues.

Raj Kundra’s attorney, Prashant Patil, has accused the prosecution of delaying the trial in a statement. “My client Mr. Raj Kundra is a Victim of False Prosecution,” the statement adds. The trial has been anticipated for years, but despite repeated attempts to speed up the trial court procedure, it appears that the prosecution is more interested in postponing the trial.

The statement blames some media outlets for jumping to conclusions without fully analyzing the situation. The statement went on to say, “Without having full knowledge of the reality, some “trigger-happy” media outlets pounced on my client and have already issued a “verdict” without checking the facts or the veracity of the story.

In the statement, he also claimed that Kundra’s fundamental rights had been violated and that no proof had been discovered to support this claim. “The truth is, considering the entire charge sheet to be true for the sake of arguments, there is absolutely no evidence against my client Mr. Raj Kundra,” the statement continued.

“When my client is denied the right to a speedy and fair trial, his fundamental rights are violated. Because of our entire confidence in the Honourable Judiciary, we have submitted an application to the Honourable Court asking that the Judicial Proceedings be conducted on a daily basis. If the allegations made against my client are proven to be true, the Honorable Court may convict him. However, if my client is innocent, he should be swiftly exonerated of the false accusations. Delay in justice is denial of justice. The lawyer’s petition was finished with the words, “Hoping for a swift resolution of the matter by following due process of Law.”

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