Radhika Apte opens up about facing body shaming in Bollywood

Radhika Apte

With her upcoming movie, Mrs. Undercover, famed Bollywood actress Radhika Apte is once more in her element. Apte has built a name for herself over the years with her outstanding performances and unorthodox decisions. Her body of work sets her apart from her peers, yet she, like many other actors, has been the target of body shaming in the film business. In fact, Radhika recently spoke up about the subject and recounted being urged to obtain “a better nose and bigger breasts.”

She was interacting with Film Companion when it all happened. Before her new movie’s OTT release, Radhika reflected on her career and spoke on the unfairness she has experienced in the film business. She talked about how some people had been unpleasant to her while dispelling the misconception that the film industry is full of “immoral” people.

Perceptions are odd, the Pad Man actress said. Before I completed Badlapur, people for the longest time believed I could only be a rural girl. People believed I could only act in sex comedies and strip after Badlapur. So I stopped. To them, I simply never said yes. The perceptions are a little strange.

The Hunterrr actress continued, “I lost a film because I was three or four kilograms overweight. Naturally, when you first start out, people will ask you, “Why don’t you get a better nose?” and “Why don’t you get bigger breasts?” That was initially the case. Some people would start making comments about your physique in the midst as if they were entitled to… Because of increased awareness in recent years, we are now able to discuss it in great detail. We can threaten to remove you from the project at least if you say it to me again.

Returning to her upcoming movie, Mrs. Undercover, it will debut on ZEE5 on April 14. In addition to Apte, Rajesh Sharma and Sumeet Vyas play significant parts in the movie.

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