PM Modi talks about the free trade agreement with UK PM Rishi Sunak.

free trade agreement

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, and expressed his hope that the two countries might continue to advance toward a fair trade agreement.

They had their first chat since Sunak, a British prime minister of Indian descent, assumed office on Tuesday.”I’m happy to talk to Rishi Sunak right now. congratulated him on taking office as UK prime minister. Together, we will continue to fortify our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. We also concurred on the significance of hastily concluding an all-encompassing and equitable FTA “PM Modi tweeted.

With a goal of wrapping up talks by Diwali, India and Britain started negotiations for the free-trade agreement (FTA) in January. However, the deadline was missed due to a lack of agreement on key topics.

Following PM Modi’s tweet, the UK PM reacted as follows: “I appreciate your warm comments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as I begin in my new position. India and the UK have several ties. I look forward to seeing what our two excellent democracies can accomplish as our security, defence, and economic cooperation grows in the next months and years.”

James Cleverly, the foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, will also visit India on Friday to meet with S Jaishankar, the country’s minister of external affairs. The two will talk about enhancing their diplomatic connections, according to the British Foreign Office.

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