PM Modi at the Defence Expo 2022: A new airfield is being built in Gujarat, close to the India-Pakistan border, to serve as a key hub for national security.

pm modi

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the cornerstone for a new airbase that would be built in northern Gujarat close to the border with Pakistan and declared that it will become a crucial hub for national security.

Following the opening of the Defense Expo 2022 in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi also said that the military will publish a list of 101 additional items that will not be allowed for import.

He continued, “Defence Expo is like a future window for our youth.” “A new future has officially begun with the country’s largest defence expo to date. I am aware that certain nations have also experienced inconvenience as a result, but many nations have joined us in this endeavour with a positive outlook “added PM.BrahMos is regarded as the greatest in its class, according to PM Modi.

The Indian defence industry will receive a significant boost as a result, he claimed. He stated that the Defense Expo also promotes world peace. There is a chance that smaller nations will gain from it.”Defense manufacturers don’t accept new participants, but India has created its own area,” he said.

The PM said, “68% of our defence budget would be spent for the purchase of Indian defence products.”The Prime Minister expressed his joy that 53 African countries that are allies of India are standing shoulder to shoulder with us as India shapes these chances for the future.

The PM also claimed that this is the first time that solely Indian companies will be attending a defence expo.He claimed that the new air station in Banaskantha, North Gujarat, near Deesa, would “emerge as an effective centre for the security of the country.He continued, “Earlier we used to release pigeons and today we release cheetahs, so the country has come a long way.

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