Piyush Mishra compares Bollywood to South Cinema; says, “It is very clear they are better than us”

Piyush Mishra

When it comes to his true loves—theatre, film, and music—Piyush Mishra doesn’t hold back. The Gangs of Wasseypur actor sheds light on the current state of Bollywood in comparison to south film and whether theater artists like him need the help of Hindi cinema to gain recognition in his soon-to-be-released book, “Tumhari aukat Kya Hai.”

It is evident that South Asian filmmakers are superior to us since they are more creative and passionate, the actor added when discussing how they develop original content through their study (than Bollywood). Blockbusters like PS-1 (2022) and the Baahubali franchise are difficult to pull off. And in order to do so, one needs a credible set, a convincing storyline, a convincing soundtrack, and talented performers.

Piyush Mishra continued, “Bollywood has outstanding artists as well, but this sector lacks originality. Here, every formula is failing, as was evidently the case the previous year. The research will eventually be used in Bollywood (to make meaningful cinema). Research is being done, to my knowledge.

In addition to acting, Piyush Mishra has invested more than 20 years in theater. The actor acknowledges that theater performers do require Bollywood assistance in order to gain fame, saying, “It is terrible, but one cannot dispute the truth that theatre artists do want Bollywood support in order to build a name for themselves. It’s aisa hi hota hai. Bollywood join karna pada mujhe bhi theater mein 20 saal kaam karne ke baad totally recognize hone ke liye. Filmmaking is a lucrative and glamorous industry, according to Mishra.

Piyush Mishra went on to say, “There is rarely a person like Anurag Kashyap who exclusively makes movies for passion without bothering about box-office results,” in reference to Anurag Kashyap. The majority of them, though, do it for financial gain, and why shouldn’t they?

A form of art created for commerce is commercial film. Paisa aane ke ummeed bhi hoti hai, usme paisa lagta hai. There is no money in the theater. The theater is not a business, but Bollywood is.

Piyush Mishra, who has a long relationship with NSD, adds that despite coming from the theatre, actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan, and Om Puri were upfront about wanting to break into Bollywood to establish their own names. Bollywood, in his opinion, is an industry, whereas theater is not. Since commercial art requires a significant financial investment, theater does not. As a result, Bollywood filmmakers tend to prioritize financial success over personal fulfillment.Also read :- https://india-24.com/ratan-tata-shares-fond-memory-of-indica-launch/ .

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