‘One Punch Man’ Urges Fans To Shun Any Unofficial Information!

One Punch Man

Fans have been curious about the release date of One Punch Man Season 3 since rumors about MAPPA producing the third season circulated. Fans have been warned not to believe unreliable information by the anime’s official Twitter account. The team issued a warning to fans in an open letter that was uploaded online. What more did the group disclose? For more information, keep reading!

The crew said that a new season of the Japanese superhero anime is in the works in August of this year. Fans soon began to worry about who would be in charge of managing the project. A well-known anime leaker, Shonenleaks, added fuel to the fire by tweeting details about the upcoming season. They mentioned that MAPPA would be the animation studio for One Punch Man Season 3. When other news outlets published the tweet as fact, this leak quickly went viral. Read More: https://thesangerherald.com/2022/12/24/shonenleaks-popular-twitter-leaker-suspended-after-major-one-punch-man-season-3-breach/

One Punch Man: Updates on leaks!

The One-Punch Man crew, however, quickly addressed the claims, issued a statement on them, and pleaded with supporters not to believe information that had been leaked. This is the only official Twitter account for the anime “One-Punch Man,” they declared. Please don’t let unreliable information from other accounts lead you astray. When the moment is right, accurate information will be released through this account. #onepunchman.”

Even while anime rumors and conjecture are frequent, it is unusual for a team to address persistent rumors. Additionally, Shonenleaks’ Twitter account was suspended, as reported by ComicBook, and it is still suspended as of this writing. It is unclear, nevertheless, whether the suspension is connected to the account’s disclosure of this significant information.

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