On October 22, Prime Minister Modi will begin a hiring campaign :’ Rozgar Mela ‘ for 10 lakh positions.


In order to hire 10 lakh individuals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start the “Rozgar Mela” recruitment campaign.

The job fair will be held through video conference on October 22 at 11 am.75,000 newly appointed individuals will get appointment letters during the ceremony. On this occasion, PM Modi will also speak to these appointees, the PMO announced in a formal statement.

According to the announcement, “this will be a key step toward fulfilling the constant commitment of the Prime Minister to provide job opportunities for youth and ensure welfare of residents.”

According to the Prime Minister’s instructions, all ministries and departments are working in mission mode to fill open positions against authorised positions.The new hires, chosen from throughout the nation, will join 38 government ministries and departments. The appointments, who fall under the headings of Groups A, B (Gazetted), B (Non-Gazetted), and C, will begin working for the government at various levels.

Central Armed Force Personnel, Sub Inspector, Constable, LDC, Steno, PA, Income Tax Inspectors, and MTS are just a few of the positions for which appointments are being made.

Ministries and departments are doing these hirings under mission mode, either independently or through hiring organisations like the UPSC, SSC, and Railway Recruitment Board. Selection procedures have been streamlined and made tech-enabled for quick recruitment.

PM Modi assessed the state of human resources in all central departments and ministries earlier in June and gave the government the mandate to hire 10 lakh employees in mission mode over the course of the following 1.5 years.

In the Group A (gazetted) category, there are up to 23,584 open positions, followed by 26,282 in Group B (gazetted), 92,525 in Group B (non-gazetted), and 8.36 lakh in Group C. (non-gazetted).39,366 Group B (non-gazetted) and 2.14 lakh Group C positions are open in the Defense Ministry alone. 2.91 lakh Group C positions are open at Railways, and 1.21 lakh Group C (non-gazetted) positions are unfilled at MHA.

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