Microsoft integrates AI-enabled Bing chatbot in mobile and Skype


Microsoft: Two weeks after its first launch, the AI-based Bing chatbot will now be available on mobile and Skype, according to a report from the US technology corporation Microsoft. The company will first roll out the feature to the Bing iOS and Android app, according to tech news source GSM Arena.

Those who have been invited to the preview could start a conversation with the chatbot by pressing the Bing button in the app. Users can now simply hit the microphone button to voice their questions out loud in addition to tapping their query.

Similar features are also available on the Microsoft Edge homepage, which is available on iOS and Android. According to GSM Arena, users of Skype on all platforms will also have access to the recently revealed intelligence of Bing.

Users can choose to interact with Bing directly or add it to group chats so that anyone can tag it and ask a question. Consumers have the option of receiving a simplified response in more than 100 languages, text, or bullet points.

For those who are unaware, Microsoft’s solution to the well-liked ChatGPT-style clever AI chatbots is Bing with AI capabilities. Whether your questions are simple like “how far away is the moon?” or more complicated like “make an itinerary for a trip to Japan,” it can answer them verbosely and intelligently.

The capability, which was previously exclusively accessible through the Microsoft Edge desktop browser, is currently only accessible through invitations, according to GSM Arena.

In addition, the corporation is pushing ahead with the system’s rollout despite early bugs by making its improved Bing search engine, which uses the technology behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT, available on Apple Inc. iPhones and Google Android mobile devices.

Microsoft announced in a blog post that new versions of its Bing and Edge browser apps for smartphones and tablets are coming out on Wednesday, allowing users to use the improved search engine wherever they are.

The option to speak instructions or ask queries aloud rather than typing them has been one of the most desired features by early testers of the system, the business added, therefore it is introducing voice to Bing. Additionally, Microsoft stated that it intended to incorporate the technology into Skype, its two-decade-old video conferencing application, allowing users to ask for information and share it with others in group conversations.

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