Meta confirms it has withdrawn around 20 full-time job offers, hints at slowing hiring in 2023


Because the business has been making some difficult decisions to cut costs, it appears that Meta has been having a difficult time. Meta has now revoked the full-time job offers of several persons who were all set to join the software company after it was just reported that up to 11,000 employees would be let go by the corporation.

According to the company, which verified this news to Tech Crunch, the decision was very difficult for Meta, but it was made because it wanted to give priority to the positions that are more crucial at this time. Given that the corporation first went through the employment procedure before deciding to withdraw offers from some individuals after hiring them, the justification seems quite absurd.

The corporation hasn’t disclosed its real motivation, but it might be to save money. It is no secret that many software firms have announced layoffs in order to reduce costs due to the recession, and this is one reason why Meta likewise terminated hundreds of employees. It’s possible that the corporation won’t hire many individuals this year given that it has stated it will be cautious about hiring in 2023.

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A Meta spokeswoman said, “As we continue to evaluate our hiring needs, we’ve made the painful choice to withdraw offers to a small number of individuals.” Although we did not take this decision lightly, it permits us to be careful as we calibrate our hiring through 2023 to match our highest-priority tasks.

The number of people who have been impacted by the decision to rescind job offers to new hires has also not been confirmed by Meta. Engineer Gergely Orosz claims that about 20 people have gotten job offers from the business. It’s important to note that he was the first to report on Meta’s most recent decision, and the tech titan has now confirmed it.

“As I was able to confirm with the impacted developers, Meta has revoked full-time offers in London. Many recent graduates with February start dates have had their offers withdrawn. So far, I am aware of around 20 people. Orosz posted on Twitter, “This is the first time I’m aware that Meta is withdrawing signed, FTE offers.

While Meta has finished making layoffs, other significant tech firms like Amazon are still doing so. The e-commerce corporation only only just confirmed that number, which represents a whopping 18,000 people. Starting on January 18, the impacted employees will be informed, according to a blog post by Amazon. The good news is that individuals who will be let go will receive severance payouts.

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