Mark Zuckerberg now puts Meta’s middle managers on notice

Mark Zuckerberg

Former Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Meta is said to have given middle management at the firm notice after firing 11,000 workers in November of last year. At a recent all-hands meeting, according to Alex Heath of The Verge’s weekly Command Line, Mark Zuckerberg warned managers.

The CEO of Meta reportedly told them, “I don’t think you want a management system that’s just managers overseeing managers, managing managers, managing managers, and managing the individuals who are performing the work.”

According to the statement, the business, which will release its quarterly results this week, might fire more staff. Meta Chris Cox, the chief product officer, has also discussed the need to “flatten” the organizational structure.

Mark Zuckerberg let off more than 11,000 workers in November, or approximately 13% of the worldwide workforce, in one of the worst tech industry layoffs ever, and extended the hiring freeze through Q1 2023.

Zuckerberg announced in a statement that the business will take additional measures to become leaner and more effective, including reducing discretionary spending and extending its hiring freeze through Q1.

He attributed the decision to the financial slump, increasing competition, and loss of advertisements signals, claiming that these factors made “revenue far lower than I’d projected.” “When Covid first launched, the world was moving quickly online, and the e-commerce boom caused an astronomical increase in revenue. Many individuals believed that this acceleration would last forever and carry on long after the pandemic was over. I decided to dramatically expand our investments since I felt the same way “Zuckerberg remarked.

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