Kantara’s unexpected success inspired SS Rajamouli to say, “You do not need a huge-scale film to do big numbers.”


Filmmaker SS Rajamouli recently spoke about how the success of the Kannada drama Kantara has caused filmmakers to rethink their approach to making movies. Rajamouli has been busy with RRR’s Oscar campaign.In an interview with Picture Companion, Rajamouli used the case of Kantara to illustrate the point that making a big-budget film is not necessarily necessary in order to succeed financially. Big budgets are something, he said. Kantara enters abruptly and glances at the revenue it is generating. Suddenly, you can do well in large numbers without a large-scale movie.

A modest picture like Kantara is capable of doing that.According to the director, an audience member must find a small-budget movie like Kantara “interesting” in order for it to succeed. As an audience, it’s thrilling, but as filmmakers, we need to go back and double-check our work, he said . Kantara (HINDI) is available now on Netflix .)

Actor-director Prithviraj further stated that when he sells his movies to digital and satellite partners, they are worried about the “aesthetics” of them or whether they are pan-Indian movies. He said, “The next movie I hope to direct is mounted on a scale that our business is not used to. I try to present it there as a pan-Indian film during these meetings with digital and satellite partners. Will Mohanlal wear a mundu, for example, is a question they frequently ask me. Will the visuals be neutral, as in RRR with Ajay Devgn sir? Can a north Indian celebrity make a cameo appearance?

The September release of Kantara was understated. Ponniyin Selvan 1, directed by Mani Ratnam, overshadowed the movie. But thanks to positive word-of-mouth, it rocketed to the top of the box office charts across the country. The movie later had dubs made in all of the major Indian tongues, and it is now wildly successful everywhere. The film has already made over Rs 200 crore in worldwide box office revenue.

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