Indian Railway data leak: Name and phone number of over 3 crore passengers leak, up for sale on the dark web

Indian Railway data leak

Indian Railway data leak: Millions of Indian Railway users’ personal information appears to have been exposed online. According to rumors, a hacker has put the data up for sale on the dark web. Only a few days have passed since the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), India’s premier medical institution, was alleged to have had a data breach. Here is what we currently know about the most recent data breach.

We don’t know if the data provided by the hacker is accurate because the government or the Indian Railways haven’t verified anything about the data breach to date. Hackers allegedly acquired a large amount of user data, including email, mobile number, address, age, and gender in the Indian Railway data leak.

According to the hacker, the group also compromised the billing information and trip records of Indian Railway customers. Both user information and information about people’s bookings are included in the stolen data. A buyer can only get five copies of the data for $400 per copy, according to the forum. According to reports, the cost for data and vulnerability specifics will be between $1,500 and $2000 for those who want exclusive access to the data.

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Indian Railway data leak: Updates!

According to reports, the Indian Railway data leak happened on December 27. On a hacker forum, information regarding the data leak was provided by a person whose true identity is still unknown. It was published by a user going by the fictitious moniker of “Shadow Hacker.”

The same hacker group also asserts that they were successful in obtaining many individuals’ official email addresses from government agencies. There is no information available at this time regarding how the hacker gang gained access to IRCTC data in the Indian Railway data leak. Security companies have not yet verified the validity of the most recent data breach.

Not for the first time, something similar has occurred. A similar incident occurred in 2019, and data from about 9 million people were posted online. Later, the government declared that under the updated Data Protection Bill, data breaches might result in fines of up to Rs 500 crore. However, it doesn’t appear as though the frequency of data breaches has decreased.

It is encouraged for users to avoid sharing their personal information with any unknown person or account, even if they find them to be rather persuasive. People are recommended to exercise caution, especially while doing online transactions since hackers have many methods for stealing the money of consumers.

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