Indian medical students who departed Ukraine are welcome in Russia: Envoy.


For the first time in nearly nine months of the conflict, Russia declared on Thursday that Indian students who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the conflict can finish their study in Russia if they so want because the medical curricula in the two nations are identical.

“Due to the nearly identical medical curriculum in Russia, Indian students who left the Ukraine can continue their education there (as Ukraine). Since the majority of people in Ukraine speak Russian, they are familiar with the local tongue. In Russia, they are most welcome “Oleg Avdeev, general consul of Russia, was quoted.

As soon as Russia declared a full-scale war on its neighbour on February 24, thousands of Indian medical students were left stranded in the destabilised Ukraine. After that, “operation Ganga” was launched by the Indian government to evacuate its residents from Ukraine in the midst of the Russian invasion.

Avdeev’s remarks come as foreign affairs minister S. Jaishankar met with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday and held discussions in Moscow about a variety of issues involving their respective countries on the bilateral, regional, and international levels. EAM Jaishankar had stated during his visit to Moscow that “India’s partnership with Russia has worked to its advantage and New Delhi would like to keep that going.

“India has continuously pressed for talks and a halt to the fighting in Ukraine. Additionally, the effect of the Ukraine conflict on food and energy costs has frequently been brought up, particularly for weaker nations. The Indian side, however, did not vote against Russia at the UN and has not yet openly criticised Putin for the invasion that began in February.

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