Hera Pheri 3: After T-Series, now Eros International issues a public notice

Hera Pheri 3

Producer Firoz Nadiadwala has stated that Hera Pheri 3 is in the works. It sparked a lot of enthusiasm among fans because it was a highly anticipated sequel, especially considering how well-received and cult-like the previous two parts were. There were rumors that the movie’s announcement video had been shot in February of this year.

It made headlines online, but when it was revealed that Farhad Samji is directing the picture, there was a lot of backlashes the very next day. Removing Farhad Samji from Hera Pheri 3 became a fad on Twitter in March for a number of days. A few days later, T-Series released a statement asserting that it is the “sole and exclusive right holder of all copyright of all Music and Audio Visual Song Rights” of the franchise across all media.

And now Eros International has also entered the conflict. Eros has asserted that it has intellectual property rights, as well as the rights to the title, digital rights, and music, on a “sole and exclusive basis,” according to a notification published in Atul Mohan’s Complete Cinema magazine. That’s not all, either. Additionally, Eros asserted ownership of the sole rights to Welcome Back (2015).

The notice further stated that as of April 17, 2023, Firoz Nadiadwala’s Base Industries Group owed Eros International Rs. 60,07,75,236 in total, including interest. The subsequent notice stated that Base Industries Group had agreed that Eros International would hold the exclusive rights to Hera Pheri 3 until it made this payment. It further asserted that Nadiadwala has made it clear that it would not attempt to release Hera Pheri 3 in India or anywhere else in the globe without the approval of Eros International or create third-party rights.

The notification stressed at the conclusion that they had comparable rights to all of Firoz Nadiadwala’s upcoming movies, including Awara Paagal Deewana 2.

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