Hello Mini 3 trailer: Will Rivanah finally unmask The Stranger?

Hello Mini 3

Hello Mini 3 has grabbed viewers’ hearts with its captivating storyline and compelling performances, just like the first two seasons did. The 10-episode Hello Mini 3 season is a suspenseful psychological thriller that clarifies all of our concerns regarding Rivanah’s struggle with the Stranger. Anuja Joshi plays Rivanah once more. Rivanah has been relentlessly searching for the identity of the enigmatic stranger and the reason why his presence in her life is causing odd things to happen all around her.

Mini’s boyfriend is Danny, who is portrayed by Mrinal Dutt. You might be wondering how a lover could stalk his own girlfriend at this point, but you might want to reconsider. Actor Mrinal Dutt is renowned for his parts in A Moment in Time and The Lonely Prince (2020). (2017).

Virat, played by Abhinav Sharma, takes advantage of the circumstance by playing a significant part. Yet the fundamental query is: Is he really a con, or has he set himself up? Because of his part in The Office on Hotstar, Abhinav Sharma is well-known.

Ekansh, who is portrayed by Anshul Pandey, also has a crucial part to play in the narrative of Hello Mini 3. Do you believe him to be a friend or the Stranger? Anshul Pandey is well-known for his part in the 2011–2014 television series Bade Achey Lagtey hai.

Nirvana, who is portrayed by Vibhav Roy, is another one of our top suspects. Well, mainly because he is frequently in the incorrect location at the incorrect time. Indian television actor Vibhav Roy is well-known for his parts in well-liked TV series.

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