Helck: Fantasy TV Anime Reveals Cast And July Premiere In New Trailer


We now have the first information on the new anime, which was announced about a year ago along with the Helck fantasy adaptation. Helck has released a burst of information today, including a teaser trailer, crew members, two teaser images, and the primary cast, after the series’ news has been scant.

In a recent trailer, the 21 cast members are listed in full along with a visual representation of the primary characters, Helck and Red Vamirio. In addition, the teaser gives a peek at the plot while describing every member of the production team.

Helck is short for Helck the Hero, a well-known manga series written and illustrated by Nanaki Nanao that ran from 2014 to 2017 in serial form in the Ura Sunday online magazine. 111 chapters in 12 volumes make up the full tale. The delightful trip that landed the lighthearted fantasy narrative among the top ten in 2015’s The Next Manga Awards has made it a fan favorite among many (Tsugi Ni Kuru Manga Taishou).

The primary appeal is its lighthearted humor, which makes readers laugh at practically every panel and the antics of the characters. Because of this, when the anime adaptation was announced on February 14, 2022, fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

The Demon World is holding a competition to find a Demon King at the time Helck leaves. A human named Helck enters the competition and declares he will aid the Demons in destroying humanity because he is against it. He eventually passes every test, but the Demons under Red Vamirio are reluctant to believe him. The next series will use drama and a carefully constructed fantasy setting to further the plot around an unusual pair of protagonists.

The studio Satelight-produced anime version is directed by Tatsuo Sato and features designs by Fruits Basket director Yoshinori Deno.

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