Google rolls out life-saving fall detection feature for Pixel Watches


It’s a done deal! Fall detection for all Pixel watches will soon be available from Google. The tech juggernaut had hinted at the prospect of incorporating the life-saving technology on its high-end wearable gadgets in the future in October last year. The wait now appears to be ended.

The capability is already available on the smartwatches made by Apple and Samsung. While being late to the party, the most recent addition will aid Google in surviving the fierce competition. Using the Pixel Watch App, Google users can now enable automatic fall detection.

According to the manufacturer, starting today, users of the Pixel Watch will be able to view information on fall detection in both the Personal Safety app for phones and the Pixel Watch App’s Updates section. Those who want to enable it on their Pixel Watches must do so manually because it is an opt-in function.

According to reports, the feature will activate 30 seconds after a hard fall. The watch will vibrate and sound an alert before flashing a notification and asking the wearer if they require assistance. When a minute has passed since the notice, the watch will automatically call emergency services and reveal the user’s position.

According to Google, the Pixel Watch will be able to distinguish between a hard fall, a misstep, or any action that resembles falling. Only once users have shared their experiences can the claim be validated. Currently, companies like Apple, Garmin, and Samsung have systems in place to detect falls and emergency SOS.

At the Made by Google event in October 2022, the Google Pixel Watch was introduced. There are two models of the watch: one with and one without cellular connectivity. Exynos 9110 SoC from Samsung serves as its processor.

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