Goddess of Victory: Nikke Welcomes Chainsaw Man and PC Players


Chainsaw Man, one of the most well-known manga and anime series in the world, has been adapted to NIKKE in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, an immersive sci-fi RPG shooter with adorable NIKKEs. Level Infinite simultaneously released the game on PC with cross-play for mobile devices and a single account login. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, which has been downloaded over 25 million times since its November 2022 release, is now accessible worldwide on iOS and Android mobile devices, while the PC version may be downloaded directly from the NIKKE website.

Chainsaw Man has become a worldwide blockbuster success and stars a group of miserly devil hunters confronting an unending barrage of supernatural beings. In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, the blood devil Power, Aki’s teacher Himeno, and their leader Miss Makima will all be playable characters. Denji, a human/devil hybrid with a chainsaw face, and sword-wielding Aki are the game’s main characters. The characters will appear as a part of the “BULLET X CHAINSAW” limited-time themed event, which runs from February 15 to March 14.

From today, PC users can check out GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE. Players will have access to a single account for both the PC and mobile versions, allowing them to maintain their progress between the two. Missions may include a mix of players on mobile devices and PCs thanks to cross-play functionality. The already-high-resolution 2D art in NIKKE has been improved and the playing field, maps, and backdrops have been widened to naturally accommodate the wider aspect ratios of PC monitors. The players’ foes will be even simpler to target and eliminate with the new keyboard and mouse controls.

The collectible NIKKE figures’ anime-inspired high definition 2D visual art and animation match the game’s distinctive and engaging action gameplay, which was created by Kim Hyung Tae of SHIFT UP, the illustrator and game designer behind both NIKKE and Stellar Blade. You can play the game with either English or Japanese voice actors.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE immerses players in a narratively rich journey with playable characters that are gorgeously depicted and an enigmatic world to discover. The game’s realistic character performance and superior animation artwork give fluid character movements and a dynamic battle experience. Each character also has a distinct set of skills and weapons that will help to define how the game is played. To defeat the invaders and rescue humanity, the player must assemble the ideal squad, cultivate their characters, and finish each task. The game also features distinct boss battle stages with large adversaries that require cooperation and planning to defeat.

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