Four serious incidents occurred during Vande Bharat Express’s first month of service.

Vande Bharat Express

In just one month of operation this year, the semi-high-speed passenger train Vande Bharat Express has seen four significant incidents. Major incidents were recorded on the Mumbai-Gandhinagar route of the train, and there was a technical problem on the Varanasi-Delhi route.

Woman struck in Anand,Gujarat

On Tuesday, the Vande Bharat, which was travelling from Ahmedabad, ran over a 54-year-old woman, resulting in her death. She was crossing the railroad tracks close to the Anand train station when the event happened. Beatrice Archibald Peter, a resident of Ahmedabad, was the deceased.

Hit by a herd of buffalo

Another incident in October involved a semi-high-speed train that ran over a herd of buffaloes. Between the railway stations of Gairatpur and Vatva, the accident took place. The front portion of the fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) engine was completely destroyed by the crash.

Accident with a cow

In Gujarat’s Valsad, a cow was struck again in October, causing damage to the engine’s nose cover. On October 7, a second cow was struck by the railway close to Anand, Gujarat, in a similar event.

Functional Error

A jammed wheel on one of the train’s rakes between the stations of Dankaur and Wair in October of this year added to the train’s operational problems. The traction motor in one of its coaches reportedly had a bearing failure, according to the reports.

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