Farooq Abdullah resigns as head of the National Conference and says he won’t reconsider the decision.

Farooq Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah, a former chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir, has resigned as leader of the National Conference. The decision was made as Jammu and Kashmir prepared for elections. “Dr. Farooq Abdullah Sahib has told his coworkers that he is resigning as president of the JKNC. Dr. Sahib was insistent that he wouldn’t revisit his choice, despite the best efforts of senior party members, according to a party statement.

“In light of this unexpected declaration, which caught everyone off guard, the party general secretary has been tasked with organizing the election for party president, which will be concluded on December 5, in accordance with the party constitution. Dr. Sahib was said to remain the party’s president until that point.

After Article 370, which granted Jammu and Kashmir special status, was repealed in 2019, Jammu and Kashmir is anticipated to hold its first elections. Farooq Abdullah stated earlier this month that the National Conference, his party, was prepared for the elections. “Elections were held in J&K despite the unfavorable circumstances. Elections were held as scheduled in 2014 despite pleas for a postponement when significant floods affected Kashmir, he said. In the recent conflict over the inclusion of “non-locals in the voters’ list,” the seasoned leader had also been meeting with other opposition members.

The Election Commission of India has not set the dates for the elections in J&K, but there are enough signs that they could happen early in 2019.

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