Discord to roll out AI-powered chatbot, messaging features


In the newest effort by tech companies to create generative AI tools, chat app Discord announced on Thursday that it will roll out new artificial intelligence features that can summarize lengthy chats or add decorations to a user’s avatar.

The IT sector is interested in generative AI, which is a technology that can produce images, text, or videos in response to a cue. AI chatbots that can synthesize web data to answer sophisticated questions or even create original novels have been introduced or announced by tech giants like Microsoft and Google as well as startups like OpenAI.

“We’re seeing one of the most exciting periods in technology unfolding,” Jason Citron, chief executive of San Francisco-based Discord, said during a press event.

Discord, which enables group chats via text, video, and audio, announced it would update the Clyde bot with OpenAI technology. According to the business, Discord users can ask the AI-powered Clyde to provide trivial answers, assist with meeting scheduling, or suggest songs.

Users will be able to “remix” the avatars of their pals using another AI function that uses generative picture models. For instance, to commemorate a person’s birthday, the feature might put a crown on their head in their profile picture.

An AI tool will be able to summarize the dialogue if users have been away from Discord and have missed a stream of messages, allowing users to rapidly return to certain points in the message thread to catch up on the chat. According to the company, the feature will start to roll out in a few select Discord groups the following week.

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