Director Bala claims that Suriya’s choice to withdraw from Vanangaan was one he made in the actor’s best interests.


In a statement he issued on Sunday, Director Bala announced that Suriya will no longer appear in his next Tamil film Vanangaan. Bala said that Suriya had opted out of the project by mutual consent, but he added that after making a few small modifications, he had second thoughts about whether the subject was right for Suriya. Bala hopes to work with Suriya again soon.

In Vanangaan, Suriya and Bala were prepared to collaborate for the third time. After twenty years apart, they had finally reconnected, and the project had just started. Now, the multiple-award-winning director has revealed that a different hero will be used for the production.

“With my brother Suriya, I intended to direct a movie titled Vanangaan.” I now question whether this novel will be appropriate for Suriya, though, as a result of some adjustments to the plot. He has complete faith in this story and in me. Since my younger brother has so much love, respect, and trust for me, it is my responsibility as a brother to avoid embarrassing him. We have talked about it and determined that Suriya will not be appearing in the film. Despite being devastated by it, he made the choice because it was in his best interests, according to Bala’s statement.

Additionally, it is revealed that the project’s initial financier, Suriya’s production company, 2D Entertainment, has withdrawn from it.In the most recent film by Kamal Haasan, Vikram, Suriya had a significant cameo appearance. He portrayed a Rolex character.

The Hindi version of Soorarai Pottru, which stars Akshay Kumar opposite Bhumi Pednekar, will be produced by Suriya’s business, 2D Entertainment, marking the actor’s foray into the industry as a producer. The actor also appears in a cameo in the Hindi version, which is thought to be called Start-up, it was recently reported.

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