Coca-Cola phone launching in India soon? The design looks decent with dual rear cameras

Coca-Cola phone

Coca-Cola phone: Coca-Cola, the soft drink company, is now poised to rule the smartphone market, moving from bottles to our pockets. According to reports, the business will launch its very own Coca-Cola phone in the smartphone market. Coca-cola is one of the most well-known and favored brands among soft drink drinkers. For decades, it was without a doubt the market’s uncontested leader, but the brand now has plans to branch out. The Coca-Cola phone would be introduced in India in March 2023, according to leaks.

Mukul Sharma, a renowned tipper, first circulated the reports regarding Coca-Cola entering the smartphone market. He posted an image of the new gadget, which reveals that it would have two cameras and a red accent—likely a nod to the company’s signature shade of red. He wrote, “Can confirm that the device is launching this quarter in India,” as the image’s description. For this new Coca-Cola phone, Coca-Cola is working with a smartphone brand. However, Sharma withheld the identity of the company that will support the launch of the smartphone with a Coca-Cola theme in India.

Coca-Cola is making a very unique step because the corporation is more well-known for its beverage manufacturing than for its technological offerings. However, it’s normal for businesses to enter new industries, and the lucrative nature of the mobile phone sector encourages this.

Despite Sharma not disclosing the name of the company, the stolen image represents a typical Realme design. The smartphone’s look is strikingly similar to the Realme 10 Pro 4G. The phone additionally has a dual-camera sensor and an LED flash on the back. The phone’s rear panel bears the same banner as the Coca-Cola beverage.

The tipper has not provided information on the phone’s specifications, but it is expected that the firm will focus on the entry-level and mid-range markets. Given that Coca-Cola is a well-known and reputable brand in India, this would make sense, but high-end smartphone customers might not find it to be as appealing.

Noting that this is not the first time a non-tech company has entered the smartphone industry is also important. Other examples are Fairphone, which focuses on ethical and sustainable manufacture, and Razer, which is largely a gaming company. Both businesses have released cellphones to varying degrees of success.

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