Boycott Bollywood movement: What powers it and why is it working?

Boycott Bollywood movement

Boycott Bollywood Movement: In his most recent TV ad for a travel luggage company, Amitabh Bachchan proclaims, “When life attempts to hit you back, rise up and say, “I am not done,” in his signature baritone with practiced ferocity. I wonder if this is his defense mechanism to deal with rejection in reality as well, given that the Indian audience that made him a superstar isn’t exactly making him feel that way anymore (Uunchai didn’t perform heartily at the box office and the audience hasn’t yet warmed up to his latest Goodbye).

It would appear that Big B is clearly feeling the heat if one dissected his recent tirade at the Kolkata International Film Festival about how intolerance stifles free speech and artistic liberty.

Boycott Bollywood Movement: Facts!

Ironically, the powers-that-be aren’t yet in the mood to reflect on what led them to this point of repeated failures while the Hindi film business mopes about how their work isn’t valued enough and encounters opposition. Instead, what motivated the business to grovel more than the people’s campaign to avoid Bollywood? What caused Indian moviegoers to vehemently shun Hindi cinema (in 2022, no production could break even except for superhits The Kashmir Files and Bhool Bhulaiyya 2) after decades of devoted support? Also Read :-

The unsettling news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s reported suicide stunned his admirers and the distributors of Hindi movies on the sleepy morning of June 14, 2020, as the nation dealt with the effects of a state-imposed forced lockdown to stop the rise of Covid-19. It was unexpected that an actor who had achieved success through skill and sheer hard work would give up after only a few setbacks. Boycott Bollywood Soon rumors of his depression and use of strong drugs began to circulate.

The Bollywood PR machine kicked into high gear to portray him as someone who couldn’t handle his success, relationships, and poor decisions. There were rumors that he was a challenge on the set of movies as well. If his supporters had not been upset by the manner in which their modest hero left the world, the news would have died a slow and silent death. The urban chatroom soon became overly active as the general public offered their opinions on how this death might not have been what it had been made up to be. It led to Boycott Bollywood Movement.

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