Boruto surprises fans with new costume designs for Shikadai and others


Boruto: The highly anticipated Code Assault Arc began with Naruto Next Generations episode 287, which saw the anime debuts of major characters including Code and Eida. Fans will also get to see some modifications to some of the characters’ clothing due to how quickly the tale is progressing.

Shikadai and Sumire will model a completely new appearance in the anime thanks to fresh clothing designs. The main goal of this outfit alteration is to portray these characters more faithfully to the manga. The whole nature of these modifications has not yet been made public, so there is still some confusion around the situation.

Currently covering the Code Assault Arc, Boruto will attempt to incorporate new costume ideas for Shikadai and Sumire. Supporting characters will get their manga-appropriate costume designs after Boruto, who has already been seen in the most recent chapter sporting his new suit.

Fans are outraged by these new developments on Twitter, where many are calling for other well-known characters in the series to receive their own distinctive clothing designs. Uzumaki Naruto is one such adored anime character who would benefit from a fresh clothing design.

Supporters are pleading with him to don something classy and stylish instead of the hokage cloak and the pale orange outfit. There is much to be desired about the orange shirt and the white cloak.

Given that orange and black have been Naruto’s trademark colors in Shippuden for a long time, the tweet above nicely captures the new look that he should be sporting going forward.

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