Boruto anime: Why does Boruto anime going on a hiatus may save the series?

Boruto anime

For the past several days, there have been rumors on Twitter that Boruto anime: Naruto Next Generations will take an indefinite vacation, and they are gathering more and more traction every day. Because it would be the first time in a while that a serialized anime like Boruto anime would take a break, fans of the series were equally as astonished to hear the news.

Fans have reacted favorably to the speculations, with many of them arguing that a break might be beneficial for the anime in the long term. They have stated that the show’s weekly releases have diminished its quality and that a break will be able to resolve many of the issues it is currently experiencing.

The slow pacing, excessive usage of filler episodes, and poor animation quality of the Boruto anime have all drawn criticism for a very long time. The dearth of material and the strict weekly deadlines that animators must adhere to are the root causes of all these problems. By taking a break, the animators will have more time to focus on improving the quality of the series and will feel less pressure.

The eagerly awaited Code arc of Boruto began with episode 287, ushering the anime into its climactic act. So, it makes sense for the program to take a break following this arc, keeping viewers anxious about what will happen after the manga time skip.

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