Biden lashes out at Pakistan, describing it as one of the world’s most dangerous countries.


On Friday, US President Joe Biden criticised Pakistan, calling it “one of the most dangerous nations in the world” and said it has “nuclear weapons without any coherence.” This strained relations between Washington and Islamabad further deteriorated.

At a private Democratic Party reception in Los Angeles, Biden delivered his stinging remarks while assessing the geopolitical scenario across the world in light of the US’s issues with China and Russia.

“I have spent 78 hours with Xi Jinping, more than any other individual in the world. I’ve been with him for 17,000 kilometres. This man has a clear understanding of what he wants but a vast array of issues. What do we do about that? How do we approach that in light of what is occurring in Russia? Pakistan is another country that I believe to be among the most hazardous in the world. Without any cohesiveness, nuclear weapons “At a fundraiser for Congressional Democrats, Biden said.

Biden’s sharp criticism of Islamabad’s questionable nuclear programme was surprising given that it came just days after his administration approved a $ 450 million refurbishment plan for Pakistan’s F-16s, one of its nuclear weapons delivery systems. The remarks also came after a week of US-Pakistan interaction, during which Asif Bajwa, Pakistan’s top general, and Bilawal Bhutto, its foreign minister, both visited Washington in an effort to repair the country’s deteriorating relations with the US over the previous several years.

Pakistan’s leaders, experts, and TV anchors had an out-of-control outrage over what they perceived as Washington’s war-mongering and Pakistan’s safe and secure nuclear weapons in response to the US President’s words.

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