Awful Moment 500 People were on a Gujarati bridge when it collapsed.

Gujarati bridge

People were purposefully rocking a British-era bridge before it fell in Morbi, Gujarat, on Sunday night. After the bridge fell into the river, at least 130 people perished. CCTV footage captures a man swaying erratically and grabbing the cables on both sides just before the bridge fell at approximately 6.32 p.m.

The video depicts how crowded the bridge is with people, some taking pictures with their phones while others attempt to shake the structure. People are thrown into the Macchu River when the metal cables snap and the bridge collapses in a matter of seconds. One fence and the walkway both fell down, leaving one side hanging in the air.

Witnesses claimed that people tripped over one another.Later cameras saw individuals holding on to the bridge’s remnants while some swam to safety.

Although the bridge could hold only about 125, there were about 500 people on it.400 to 500 tickets were distributed on Sunday, according to Jayrajsinh Jadeja, a councillor for the governing BJP in Morbi, which caused overcrowding and the collapse.

On October 26, the 150-year-old bridge was opened to the public following seven months of maintenance and repair work. The bridge was reopened earlier than expected, according to the agreement between the Morbi municipal authorities and Ajanta Manufacturers, the private company hired for bridge maintenance. According to the contract, the bridge had to be closed for up to eight or twelve months before it could reopen for traffic.

The company, Oreva, did not notify authorities about restoring the bridge and had not been given a fitness certificate to do so, according to Sandeepsinh Zala, chief officer of Morbi municipality.

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