Anime in 2022: It continued its dominance!

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I used to be asked if anime in 2022 would ever become popular. The opposite occurred in 2022: Anime gained widespread acceptance. I wrote about the anime industry’s surprisingly strong resiliency in the midst of the epidemic at the end of 2020. After two years, anime is regarded as the most COVID-resistant form of entertainment: bankable material in turbulent times.

Anime in 2022 is growing everywhere you can get it: on movie and television screens, video and Blu-ray discs, and streaming services, while Hollywood struggles to draw people back to theaters for anything that isn’t a superhero epic or “Top Gun” sequel. According to the Association of Japanese Animations, the sector of anime in 2022 experienced record-breaking revenue growth in 2021, the most recent year for which statistics are available, gaining 13.3% after declining by a paltry 3.5% in peak-pandemic 2020. Today’s global market is almost as big as Japan’s (which it temporarily surpassed two years ago), and analysts anticipate an upward trend in global numbers.

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The Walt Disney Company, which recently announced an expansion of its long-standing cooperation with manga publisher Kodansha Ltd., is the most recent U.S. media behemoth to raise investments in Japanese products.

Kim Morrissy, a writer for the Anime News Network located in Japan, notes that Disney’s rising entry into the anime market this year is particularly noteworthy. At the same time, the firm introduced a fresh slate of anime originals for its Disney+ streaming service.

To increase its anime options on Middle Eastern streamer Shahid, Saudi Arabia’s MBC Group established relationships with Toei Animation and Sony’s Aniplex Inc. at the beginning of this month. Anime is kinetic promotion for manga, which sold 171% more copies in North America alone between 2020 and 2021 than its print counterpart. Younger generations are consuming more and more Japanese media abroad, and this trend is revolutionizing the shopping experience.

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