Amazon India: IIT graduate who worked as a software engineer was fired just 6 months after joining

Amazon India

Amazon India: As the corporation prepares to eliminate over 18,000 positions, Amazon employees all across the world have been slammed by yet another round of layoffs. Over 1,000 individuals will apparently be laid off in India, and LinkedIn is replete with accounts of people adjusting to the news. One of those affected by the layoffs was Harsh, an IIT Mandi alumnus who works for Amazon in Bengaluru and documented his experience on Linkedin.

Harsh had only recently joined the internet juggernaut, Amazon India, where he was employed as a software development engineer. He has previously completed a three-month internship from July to August 2021. His employment with Amazon began in July 2022, and he recently received a letter of termination.

Never intended to begin my 2023 with this. But I recently lost my work role as a result of Amazon’s layoffs. I received a BTech in CSE when I graduated from IIT Mandi, Harsh stated on LinkedIn. However, the young engineer is still appreciative of the business and claims that throughout his brief employment, he acquired new abilities as a software engineer.

Although my time with Amazon was brief, I am thankful for the chance I had to develop my abilities as a software engineer. I gained practical expertise with ReactJS, AWS Lambda, EC2, VPC, API Gateway, workflow orchestrators, and performance alerts throughout these six months of work on a Java-based tech stack in a totally AWS architecture.Also read :- .

Amazon India’s office environment:

People may be heard “sobbing and breaking down in the office,” according to a recent account of the situation by an Amazon India employee. The article was posted on Grapevine, a professional community app for Indians. The message said, “Roughly 75% of my crew is gone. Despite being in the final 25%, I no longer feel inspired to work. In cabins, they are firing people. In the office, there are crying people.

The decision to fire employees was previously publicized by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in a public blog post. According to his writing, Amazon has been hiring staff members “rapidly over the last few years,” and this year’s assessment was particularly “tough owing to the uncertain economy.”

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