Alibaba: Chinese Tech Giants Working On ChatGPT-Style Technology. What does It mean?

Alibaba: The hype surrounding Microsoft’s chatbot ChatGPT has reached China, boosting shares of companies involved in artificial intelligence (AI) and spurring a flurry of Chinese businesses to announce competing projects. like Google and Microsoft For years, smaller start-ups and Chinese tech behemoths like Baidu and Alibaba have worked on AI projects.

Chinese chatbots mostly focus on social interactions, whereas ChatGPT excels at more professional jobs like programming and essay writing by learning from a massive quantity of data how to respond to user prompts in a human-like manner. On February 8, Alibaba Group announced that it is creating and testing a ChatGPT-like technology internally. Large language models and generative AI, according to the e-commerce behemoth, have been areas of attention since Damo Academy, its research institute, was established in 2017.

Based on its present technical reserves in foundation model, machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing, Tencent Holdings stated on February 9 that it is undertaking research on the ChatGPT-tool technology. The company also stated that it will continue to invest in AI research. According to local Chinese media, China Telecom Corp. is creating an industrial version of ChatGPT for the telecoms industry that will employ AI in some customer care tasks.

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